PM News- Ifako-Ijaiye group backs aspirant for House of Assembly seat

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PM News- Ifako-Ijaiye group backs aspirant for House of Assembly seat

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The Concerned Citizens of Ifako -Ijaiye Constituency have backed the aspiration of an APC aspirant, Adewale Temitope Adedeji (JAH), to represent the constituency at the Lagos House of Assembly in next year’s election.

The concern citizens, led by Abdullabi Alabi, who visited JAH, in Lagos, said they believed in his aspiration to gradually bid farewell to that era where touts, sleazy characters and people of questionable integrity and pedigree were accepted and elected into sensitive leadership positions.

According to them, they want the best and brightest among residents of Ifako-Ijaiye to represent them in leadership positions.

“It is an aberration for barely lettered and incompetent people to aspire for leadership positions in a society where we have countless capable and prepared hands. Time was when the brightest among us took the back seats on issues pertaining to governance. The fad across most modern day societies is simply to allow people with the required mental and intellectual power to lead them.

“The more lettered and competent a leader is, the higher his chances of providing solutions to problems confronting his people. The difference between the advanced society and the third world nations is simply in the calibre and quality of people they choose or elect as leaders,” they said.

“Hon. Adewale Temitope Adedeji without doubt symbolises and embodies the true change that Ifako Ijaiye Constituency l is in dire need of. It bears repeating that, this gentleman has the required character traits to turn things around through what he calls innovative parliamentary representation if given the opportunity to represent the good people of our state constituency in the Lagos State House of Assembly,” the group added.

Adewale, who thanked the concerned citizens of Ifako Ijaye constituency 1 for visiting him after he made his intention known to join the 2019 race into the Lagos State House of Assembly, expressed his intention to deliver the dividends of democracy to residents of the constituency.

He promised he would sign a social contract with the people.

He said, “I shall travel on a road less travelled by politicians in this clime; which is to sign a Social Contract with you instead of presenting an unrealistic manifesto. I am particularly interested in guiding and leading you to achieve your desired goals and not to reel out empty promises. What I owe you is to meet your needs to the best of my ability and to constantly tell you the truth, even if it hurts. This is what Social Contract entails”.

“We shall in service to our constituents deploy creative energies, search for opportunities and leverage on profitable connections to attract meaningful development to our constituency.”

Story appeared first in PM News

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